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Modern agriculture into the 4.0 era Runtong market and Eaton biological common witness

Date:2016-07-19 20:34

On July 19, Sichuan Runtong Commodity Spot Market Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Runtong Market") and Sichuan Eaton Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd. ("Eaton Biology") in the southwest of China Forestry Property Exchange (" Southwest Center ") signed the" Commodity Listing Strategy Cooperation Agreement ", the two sides agreed, through the sharing of resources, complementary advantages, business innovation and other ways to jointly bigger and stronger for the Sichuan agriculture two (capitalization, marketization) , China's forest food industry development and innovation, for the modern era of agriculture 4.0 to explore a new road.

The cooperation means that Run-run market will usher in another leap in the development of opportunities, not only to consolidate and enhance the capital of the Run end of the core competitiveness of the market, while the Run-market and Eaton biological cooperation further in-depth, Eaton's famous Special forest products gradually listed transactions, but also make the Run-market access to the investment side of a good reputation, and promote the rapid development of the platform.

It is understood that Sichuan Eaton Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd. has a "Tao Lanjia" "Miaomiao" trademark, and "kiwi wine compound clarification patent technology" and a number of patented technologies. Chengdu is the focus of listed companies to support enterprises, technological innovation in Sichuan Province key enterprises, is China's kiwi deep processing of the largest and highest market share of the enterprise. The company continued to enhance the technological innovation as the core development concept, to implement the "Internet +" industry strategy to kiwi fruit, kiwi wine, kiwi drinks, vitamin C tablets, kiwi freeze-dried powder as the core products to wholesale, Line channels, combined with Jingdong, Lynx, 1919 and other Internet platform to form a "online and offline two-wheel drive" marketing pattern, to promote China's high-quality kiwi industry global operation.

At the ceremony, Mr. Wang Bifeng, General Manager of Sichuan Zhongtong Commodity Spot Market, Mr. Wang Xiaofeng, General Manager of Sichuan Zhongtong Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd., Mr. Xiang Jing, General Manager of Sichuan Zhongtong, and other relevant leading enterprises. They said that the strong combination of "agricultural standardization" and "Eaton's famous forest products" in Runtong market will effectively solve the problems of circulation of agricultural products, high logistics cost and asymmetric information. Bottlenecks, reduce the flow of goods, reduce operating costs, reduce trade risks, expand business channels, increase business opportunities. So as to achieve the "intermediate", "agricultural zero docking", "agricultural super docking" and "farm docking", "capital docking" effect. To the standard as the main wholesale carrier for the modern agriculture into the 4.0 era to explore a new way.


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