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Wise City Associated Eaton Biology Chinese Kiwi embarked on the Internet

Date:2016-08-13 20:34


August 13, 2016, Sichuan Eaton Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd. and Wanxiang City Group formally hand in hand to reach the depth of strategic cooperation to achieve market and capital integration. This also indicates that Eaton has officially married the Internet +, will be in China kiwi times broke the power of the prehistoric.


Eden and the colorful city of marriage is a story. Eden is a traditional enterprise that has accumulated more than 20 years of kiwi industrial chain. The craftsmen have created their own products with the quality and brand reputation, but by the limitations of traditional sales channels, they have a strong desire for the Internet. We have found through the network operators to find the million city, the end of the first time the sale of kiwi fruit sales cooperation in the million color city explosion, the original plan to sell 2000 single, stocking 8000 single, I did not know the line more than 3 hours 36,000 Single, Eaton from the chairman of the board to all the staff to the orchard, boil more vigorous package shipping, get rush, chaos in the natural error. Million color city card music cat customer service telephone sales have been blatantly get bruised, and finally both sides do lose money, but also fell a lot of complaints. Million color city card music CEO Zhu Yi Chong go to Chengdu, Eaton static always to Hangzhou, we fully understand the communication, to lose money as a lesson and tuition, the next one more and more understanding of cooperation, mutual appreciation and recognition, and finally work together Internet +, both sides marriage.


The agreement shows that Eaton's high-quality Taolanga, Miaoxiang related products will be achieved in the million color city, car music cat platform sales, the use of million color city existing members, shops, users, rapid upgrading Eaton brand awareness, reputation Degree, and to achieve steady growth in sales. Through the strategic cooperation between the two sides, the establishment of "a little into" electric business platform, so that the traditional enterprise Eaton has its own mobile Internet precision marketing channels.

Eaton Group Chairman Du Yigang, Eaton biological chairman to the speech, million City Group Chairman Zhu Haibin, respectively, delivered a speech. Million color city group Guo Xiangju teacher for a new model analysis, and excellent network business case wonderful sharing.


According to reports, Sichuan Eaton Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd. is by Yidon Industrial Group Industrial platform nurturing professional kiwi biological biotechnology company, located in Chengdu, China Dujiangyan Qingcheng Mountain Scenic Area. The company was established in 2011, the registered capital of 30 million. The company is kiwi as the main raw material, relying on biotechnology development of food, cosmetics and health products and cultural tourism products. In the industrialization, capitalization, internationalization of the rapid development process. Is currently the only kiwis fruit industry chain of science and technology development enterprises, and plans to be listed in 2016 overseas.


The million City Group was founded in 2009, is a focus for the green entrepreneurs to provide comprehensive services, "electricity business platform + brand" business. Companies operating a wide range of Internet business, and focus on its own brand R & D, production and sales. Independent brands operating in the whole industry chain business model for ordinary entrepreneurs to create a good infrastructure and entrepreneurial environment for traditional enterprises and the Internet to provide accurate marketing channels and for all types of community and end users to provide safe, high quality, cost-effective High quality goods and professional and convenient service. The two sides hand, will achieve the sharing of resources, complementary advantages, business innovation.


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